TOP 5 Nollywood Relationship/Marriage Movies With Great Lessons (WATCH)

For those who are into marriage, singles, and those in relationships, there are some movies you’d watch that will help your life.

The Nollywood movie industry has produced great movies themed on relationships and marriage to help couples and intending couples make good decisions in their marital lives.

5 latest relationship and marriage movies that you should watch this weekend and learn a lot from

1. Is Marriage Sweet?


This is a wonderful movie themed on the marriage journey of a couple. The movie sought to answer the question of whether marriage is sweet or not.

The movie is starring Ken Eric, and Chinwe Isaac among others


2. Married

Nuella Njubigbo starred in this interesting movie titled “Married”. This movie is thought-provoking and full of suspense.

A lot of lessons about marriage to be learned in this wonderful movie.


3. Love or Friendship

Nosa Rex featured movie, “Love or Friendship” centered around the thin line between love and friendship with benefits.


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4. Love Story


The movie “Love Story” reflects what unending love means.

This interesting movie featured Belinda Effah, Zubby Michael and others.


5. Marriage Regret

Marriage regret is a 2022 movie-themed on a hurtful relationships with Chinenye Nnebe playing the lead role.


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