Who Is The Best Dancer In The Music Industry — Flavour, Tekno, Poco Lee, Or Naira Marley?

There is no Afrobeats without the beats, and the beats mean nothing without the dance.

Of course, not a lot of artists are gifted with the talent to make danceable hits and also put on skillful dancing. Only very few ever become known for their dancing prowess really.

Flavour back in the day was one of the artists who showcased his dances everywhere—in music videos, on stage. He was good at it, too, and I guess that’s what made him the ladies’ man.

Tekno is a much newer version of Tekno. Also Igbo, Tek was nicknamed the Nigerian Chris Brown in his heydays because of how good he was at singing and dancing, sometimes at the same time. These days, no one seems to talk about that anymore though.

Poco Lee needs no introduction. That’s the only thing he’s known for; dancing. Without the dance, we probably wouldn’t know Poco Lee. It’s also hard to think of dancers in this industry without Poco Lee first coming to mind.


Last but not least is Naira Marley who has mastered the art of legwork so well he does it so effortlessly. Maybe he’s not an all-around dancer but still, what he can do, most artists wouldn’t be able to. So that’s that.

Anyway, of these four who would you say is the best dancer in the industry? If there’s anyone else on your mind, also drop their names in the comment section.

Who Is The Best Dancer In The Music Industry?

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