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African pride with Hafrik is here, don't wait until you are told🗣️.
Be the first to know and be the first to get featured ✅
Send in your story and experience and get featured on our Hafrik pride page and enjoy a massive opportunity to showcase your story to over 20,000 people daily and over 100,000 people weekly for one month, free of charge. You'll also get incredible business mentions on all our social media platforms.

We are a group of young people that believe in Africans and our focus is to build a value brand for African creatives and give them a voice beyond their individual horizons that will expand to the rest of the world.

Send in your stories to us via:

*Note that this opportunity is open only to people in Africa or any Africans in the diaspora that are directly impacting Africa*


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Something is cooking!!!
Who is ready??
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Our Mobile Application is Live on #googleplay
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Introducing #hafrikplay
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African culture revolves around the act of storytelling. It's how we pass on our cultural heritage and traditions to future generations, and also a way to remind ourselves of our roots. As it is said in the Igbo language: “When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground."

Here is our favorite quotes about originality from African hero👇

"I was an African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me".
_Kwame Nkrumah_

To learn more visit our website : www.hafrik.com

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